peace of mind procedures @Embody zen

*air quality*

When it came to adding new conscious health practices I began with the air in mind. This is essential to our wellness - with airborne sickness and smoke concerns this has become a top priority. The following are staple features within Embody Zen.

* Private Entrance + Services [Exclusive Access]
with single guest entry at a time the air and space will be a reflection of only you and me as we breathe in and exhale through this experience with peace of mind.

* Complete Air Reset Between Guests [Luxury Experience]
a 30 min rest between sessions with room empty + air purifiers running on HIGH creates a complete air turnover within the space and offers the freshest, cleanest air experience for each new guest.

* FDA Approved Medical Grade Air Purifier in Spa Room
from Molecule Mini: kills bacteria, spores and viruses / Study concludes the Molecule Mini inactivates strains of airborne animal coronavirus and influenza. Get $50 OFF your Molekule! [Affiliate Link]

HEPA Silent BlueAir Air purification in Lounge
from Blue Air: The combination of electrical charging and high air draft inactivates viruses and bacteria.

Essential Oil Diffuser w/ Clean Air in Lounge
by Nectar Essences these blends offer the highest grades essential oils in blends chosen from science backed research articles and their aromatic profiles.

Essential Oil Atomizer w/ Immunity Blend in Bathroom
by Nectar Essences these blends offer the highest grades essential oils in blends chosen from science backed research articles and their aromatic profiles.

Room Ritual Mists
sprayed between guests throughout the space and offered in the bathroom for a boost as you'd like, the selected Super Immunity, Detox + Essential Oil mists cleanse the space then dissipate for a fresh and light aromatic experience.

* Outside Air Circulation
every room has a window that can be opened for greater circulation on healthy SF air quality days. Note that when the air outside is not "good" quality the air purifiers within the space offer greater air quality with the windows closed. However, if you prefer an open window on these days simply request it and I am happy to open the windows within the spa house.

*surfaces + Tools*

* Start to Finish
always a top priority with the only previous flaw being a shared building entrance. To answer your desire to limit exposure risks within the community, the spa recently moved to a building with a solo entrance. This ensures from start to finish the surfaces are able to be maintained to the level you have always received within the space.

Inside the Space
as a CA licensed professional prevention of cross contamination is a staple requirement for you to be in business and stay in practice. Included in my many trainings are extensive classes that instill deep awareness of your role as a service provider to ensure you and your clients safety from the full array of infectious diseases.

I’ve been trained in 5 different modalities, so this has been a lot of education on making the space safe for us! I’m in contact with the human body in various states of undress and I’ve seen and been exposed to many health risks in my 12+ year career with zero concern. It could be my type A level cleanliness. Also, it could be that even as an organic spa that prides itself on pure botanical ingredients - all tools and contaminated materials I use are always cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants that are proven effective against all the things you don’t want to catch.

Care what the Disinfectants are specifically?
Barbicide + Citrus II. These are pretty intense cleaning agents with toxicity concerns so they are only used where needed.
For everything else, I also use a cleaning spray made from a unique device called
Force of Nature. [Affiliate Link] This appliance converts salt, water & vinegar into a super powerful multi-surface cleaner as effective as bleach - but not toxic! I’ve been using this for years. It’s pretty neat and much safer then the hospital grade cleaners for us. I use this arsenal of combined Natural + Medical cleaning agents for optimum health and safety.

*Peace of mind*

There are many perspectives on what is safe, what is needed and what should be done by businesses. So, if you require more than the above procedures for peace of mind, message me your concerns. If possible, I will make further accommodations.

Since it will be just you and me, I am offering transparent insight into my life below so you can decide if you're ready to share space and be taken care of again within Embody Zen.

*Bokhara's IN SESSION + Lifestyle*

Since it will be you + me within the space I want to be transparent and offer my current state of health and ongoing practices with you so that you are aware and can make your own decision if you are ready for treatments together. This transparency is for your comfort - not for your judgement. Thank you for your kindness and compassion as we all navigate this time with grace.

* I will wear a clear shield during treatments that is specially created to block from the bottom up since you will often be below me in sessions. A mask will be worn in addition as the city mandates and for those that request it.
* Air purifiers are on at all times.

* I am fully vaccinated and have been since May.
* I spend time with elderly, babies, and various aged adults in my life regularly, ensuring my loved ones feel cared for too.
* I spend time with family and my close friends without masks indoors when everyone is comfortable and it's safe to do so.
* I dine out and go to outdoor events on special occasions, following all guidelines.
* I spend time with elderly, babies, and various aged adults in my life regularly.
* I spend time with family and my close friends without masks indoors.
* My mental health is full of gratitude and I am very much looking forward to treating you again!

Note: I have our health top of mind. If I feel concerning symptoms or receive notice from a guest that COVID exposure has occurred I will contact upcoming reservations so you can be informed and make adjustments for your greatest comfort.

I believe your confidence and comfort must come from within. I support you listening to yourself and doing as you need to feel well and happy within this new dynamic we are all navigating. I promise to continue to do my best and look forward to seeing you again when you're ready! Until then may you find ways to B Zen. ❤︎

note from bokhara lashi

"I am truly honored to be of service in the wellness industry, doing what I love and am passionate about! It is humbling to see the transformations each treatment as the stresses visibly melt away. Its inspiring and fulfilling to be making a difference one person at a time."  
~ Bokhara Lashi, Founder