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Bokhara is on maternity leave! 🧸🤩
THank you for your understanding as I embark on this new adventure into motherhood.

EXplore Bokhara's virtual offerings still available:

the art of joyful spending
wellness coaching + online course

closed for holiday. :)
will reopen oct. 9th

NOTE: closed for holiday. :)
will reopen october 9th.

>> NOTE: closed for holiday. :) will reopen october 9th. <<

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A little effort to connect prior to visiting for the first time ensures your treatment will be customized just for you and you are set up for success in finding embody zen. With an exclusive location + a commitment to personalized service, following your online booking request, expect a phone call greeting to connect and receive directions to find and enter embody zen. Please connect via phone with Bokhara as the final step to confirm your reservation. [Note this is different then your online booking auto generated email from Vagaro.] If you haven't received an email from the booking system Vagaro AND a personal phone call from Bokhara 72 hours prior to your booking request please call to inquire about the status of your reservation to ensure everything is confirmed for your first visit. Looking forward to greeting, meeting and treating you at the spa house soon!
Note: After your first appointment is complete you will be a returning client with access to reserve Online 24/7, text for future appointment reservations as well as receive priority booking and access to black out days + times.

looking forward to meeting you soon!